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Mother Teresa: No Greater Love

Posted on September 02, 2022 in: General News

Mother Teresa: No Greater Love

Brother Knights, Fellow parishioners,

On October 3-4, more than 900 theaters across the country will release Mother Teresa: No Greater Love, a feature-length film produced by the Knights of Columbus. Made to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s passing, this documentary is a breathtaking account of the life and legacy of this globally renowned and heroic humanitarian, as well as the work of her religious community, the Missionaries of Charity. Mother Teresa had a life-altering impact on countless persons from all walks of life. We encourage brother Knights to extend the invitation to family, friends, and neighbors to see and support the film in theaters across the nation. The film will be showing in your area on October 3rd and 4th at over 900+ theaters near you. Tickets can be purchased here and more information about the movie can be found at motherteresamovie.com

Thank you for your support of this important film.